Special contests are sponsored by Austin Poetry Society patrons at different times throughout the year.  The winners are announced at the following meeting.   Please contact us if you'd like to sponsor a special contest. 


Our most recent special contest was sponsored by an anonymous patron in July and judged by Louise Richardson.  

Light-Hearted Poem 
Any form, 16 lines or less (not counting the spaces between paragraphs and/or title). 

1st Prize:  "Playing with Death" by Jean McArthur  

2nd Prize: "Musing on Writing at Three in Morning" by Michelle Hartman
3rd Prize: "Just Sayin'" by Jerri Hardesty




These contests sponsored by the Austin Poetry Society members and patrons.  The Annual Contests are open in September 2021.  The winners will be announced and honored at our Annual Awards program.  


1.  The Austin Poetry Society Award
Sponsor:  The Austin Poetry Society
Any subject, any form, 28 line limit.  
Prizes:  $100, $50, $25.  


2.  The President's Award 
Sponsor:  Garrison Martt 
Subject:  Strength.  Any form, 20 line limit. 
Prizes:  $50, $30, $20. 


3.  Austin Sonnet Prize 
Sponsor:  Anonymous  
Any subject, an Elizabethian sonnet. 
Prizes:  $30, $20, $10.  


4.  The Katherine Lee Bates Award
Sponsor:  Past Poetry Project 
Subject:  America.  Any form, 20 line limit. 
Prizes:  $25, $15, $10.  


5.  The Hope Award
Sponsor:  Benjamin Nash  
Subject:  Hope.  Any form, 36 line limit, spaces and title included. 
Prizes:  $30, $20, $10.  


6.  The Light and Dark Award 
Sponsor:  Benjamin Nash 
Subject:  Light and Dark.  Any form, 36 line limit, spaces and title included. 

Prizes:  $30, $20, $10.  

7.  The Patrons' Prize 
Sponsor:  Anonymous 
For anyone who has sponsored an APS contest this year or in the past 
(include the contest name and year with your entry). 
Any subject, any form, 20 line limit. 
Prizes:  $30, $20, $10. 


8.  Light and Lyric 

Sponsor:  Anonymous 
Any light-hearted rhyming poem, 20 line limit.   
In the spirit of Lewis Carroll, Ogden Nash and Dorothy Parker. 
Prizes:  $15, $10, $5. 


9.  Poetry of Presence

Sponsors:  Jeffrey Taylor and Janelle Curlin-Taylor
The title of this contest is the theme, any style, 24 line limit.
See the book by the same name for examples. 

Prizes:  $75, $50, $25.


Members may contact the Austin Poetry Society Administrator to request a copy of the APS Annual Awards Rules:     


All current Austin Poetry Society members may enter as many of these contests as they wish, however these must all be submitted at the same time. Multiple submissions per person are not allowed.  Submissions must follow the APS Annual Awards rules and and sent by email to this address:   All submissions must be received by September 30, 2021.  



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