Special contests are sponsored by Austin Poetry Society patrons at different times throughout the year.  The winners are announced at the following meeting.   Please contact us if you'd like to sponsor a special contest. 


Here are the results of our first special contest this year.  

Computer Life
Any form, 20 lines or less (including spaces between title and/or stanzas). 

1st Prize:  "Once Bytten" by Jerri Hardesty 

2nd Prize: "Dear Silver Lining" by Ailana Larson
3rd Prize:  "Facetime" by Mary Jane Philpy-Dollins

Honorable Mention:  "A Computer Game" by Thomas F Smith


Here are the results of our most recent special contest. 


Summer Haiku

1st Prize:  "Spreading oak casts" by Jeffrey Taylor 
2nd Prize:  "Visualize cool." by Thomas F Smith 

3rd: Prize:  "Cicadas in chorus" by Girly Bennett
Honorable Mention:  "Dark green summer leaves" by Jerri Hardesty  

Another special contest will be offered later this year.   




These contests sponsored by the Austin Poetry Society members and patrons.  The Annual Contests were open in August.  The winners will be announced and honored at our Annual Awards program in November.


1.  The Austin Poetry Society Award
Sponsor:  The Austin Poetry Society
Any subject, any form, 28 line limit.  
Prizes:  $200, $100, $75, $50, $25  


2.  The President's Award 
Sponsor:  Garrison Martt 
Subject:  Courage.  Any form, 20 line limit. 
Prizes:  $50, $30, $20. 


3.  The Dillon McKinsey Award
Sponsor:  Anonymous
Subject:  Spirituality.  Any rhyming form, 30 line limit. 
Prizes:  $25, $15, $10.  


4.  The Hope Award
Sponsor:  Benjamin Nash 
Subject:  Hope.  Any form, 36 line limit. 
Prizes:  $30, $20, $10. 


5.  The Light and Darkness Award 
Sponsor:  Benjamin Nash 
Subject:  Light and Darkness.  Any form, 36 line limit. 
Prizes:  $30, $20, $10. 


6.  The Writers Award

Sponsor:  Randy Lusk 
Subject:  Poets.  Any form, 20 line limit. 

Prizes:  $25, $15, $10. 

7.  The Patrons Prize 
Sponsor:  The Austin Poetry Society 
For anyone who has sponsored an APS contest this year or in the past 
(include the contest name and year with your entry). 
Any subject, any form, 25 line limit. 
Prizes:  $25, $15, $10.


8.  Poetry in Trade  

Sponsor:  Sergio Elizondo 
Subject:  From ancient barter systems and country markets to the modern stock exchange and all manner of commerce between, people have traded goods and services for money and other items of value.  Any form, 30 line limit best expressing such activities. 
Prizes:  $80, $60, $40. 


9.  World of Poetry 
Sponsor:  Sergio Elizondo
Subject:  Journeys and Destinations.  Any form, 30 line limit. 
Prizes:  $70, $30, $20. 

10.  The Playful Poetry Prize
Sponsor:  Randy Lusk 
Subject:  Any light-hearted theme.  Any form, 25 line limit. 
Prizes:  $50, $30, $20. 


11.  The Last Not Least Award 
Sponsors:  Thomas F Smith and Linda Marie Cossa 
Subject:  Contrasts or Paradoxes.  Any form, 25 line limit. 
Prizes:  $20, $10, $5.  


Submissions for the Annual Contests will begin August 1st and the deadline is August 31st.   


All current Austin Poetry Society members may enter any of these contests, however these must all be submitted at the same time. Multiple submissions per person are not allowed.  One line titles do not count as lines.  Any additional title lines, quotes, notes and spaces between lines count as lines.   Submissions must follow the APS Annual Awards rules and sent by email to this address:   



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